10% of net proceeds help us send comfortable, safe clothing to patients in psychiatric treatment to reduce the use of paper scrubs.

Unfinished Apparel Therapeutic Clothing Program

Our Therapeutic Clothing Program is built for units that are transitioning out of paper scrubs or have a high number of patients with no access to clothing. As the mental health crisis develops, many units are working to deinstitutionalize residential treatment and we are proud to be a part of the efforts. This program offers our hospital-safe clothing at a significant discount. We pride ourselves in this program as our clothing is not only much more comfortable and individualized with affirmations and positivity, but because they are reusable, they are much more cost-effective than paper scrubs.

Intersted in Partnering?

If you think the Therapeutic Clothing Program is right for your unit, use the button below to inquire on behalf of your unit and we will be in touch soon! We would love to learn more about your facility and see how we can help.

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