Unfinished Apparel | Comfort-Wear Made for Home and Hospital

10% of net proceeds help us send comfortable, safe clothing to patients in psychiatric treatment to reduce the use of paper scrubs.

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Here at Unfinished, we have a few goals... Not only do we believe in bringing real change to the psychiatric world, but we believe it's only possible by having honest, open conversations about mental health. Wearing our apparel is a sign of your own commitment to supporting the mental health community, and healthy conversation around it.

Raising the Standard of Treatment

Not only do we believe in supplying psych patients with comfortable, real clothing; but we believe in giving a patient CHOICE in what they wear. When a patient comes in for treatment in one of our partnered hospitals, they get to choose a size, color, and design (if desired). Choice matters, and without choice, we often lose hope; a crucial aspect for recovery. 

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